News: Guitar Hero 6 info revealed

Official Xbox 360 mag scans have surfaced on the net this week and we finally have some information on the direction of Activision’s ‘plastic fantastic’ franchise.
First off, no famous faces in GH6 will be playable, so no unlockable dead rockers to play as, however, rock legend Gene Simmons will be the narrator for the all new quest mode. This mode will see players starting from scratch, as you progress through the game your character will meet and recruit people like Lars Ulrich and after completing set songs you will unlock an alter-ego who has a multiplier of x6 instead of the standard x4.

Also GoNintendo magazine has found out the following:

  • The game is going for a “back to basics” approach
  • The past Guitar Hero characters will return
  • Quickplay feature is being revamped
  • Previous DLC will carry over
  • Streakers, Momentum and Do or Die modes now available in online competitive
  • New “Power Challengers”
  • Bands Queen, Kiss and Black Sabbath are confirmed
  • Ability to hold open notes on bass guitar
  • Focus shift to rock’ n’ roll

Personally, I was hoping for a little more change. Just a little effort into redesigning the whole way we play the game… Forgive me for wanting something fresh.

Oh well, just thought I’d pass it on.


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