News: Fallout Collector’s Edition detailed

Details are finally here for the Fallout:New Vegas Collector’s Edition.  Looks kinda standard.. but still has quite a bit of stuff. check it out..

*A Making of DVD

* Seven ‘Lucky 7’ poker chips, one for each of the  casinos found on the New Vegas strip and found out in the new Mojave Wasteland.

* A pack of Fallout themed cards

* One of the games  unique ‘Lucky 38’ platinum chips.

*A copy of the story by Dark Horse Comics, set before the game called ‘All Roads’,  written by Chris Avellone, creative director of the game.

The Collector’s Edition seems to be $79.99USD on both the PS3 and 360 and PC $69.99USD. Looks sweet to me, definitely looking forward to the graphic novel myself…

What do you think guys?

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  • PSIress

    I want hehe

  • DoGM3At

    I really like that idea of a the graphic novel… will totally be getting this

  • PSIress

    Yeah I do too, and the box the whole lot comes in looks awesome, and who can say no to a deck of cards fallout style.

  • popshot

    Looks awesome when is it coming out?

  • Snake

    Needed to include some Nuka Cola for some True Awesome. I'll be grabbing this too

  • adin75

    Meh, the standard edition will do me just fine.

  • Bagmup


    and yeah…getting.

  • PSIress

    Taking a look at that rating makes me wonder if we will have a stimpack issue again