News: Five new games made for iPad

Adding fuel to the fire known as the iPad craze, EA has released five classic titles as of Friday the 28th of May, to give new users something to drool over.

EA Mobile™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. has announced five best-selling titles available for Apple’s iPad in Australia.


Scrabble is another adaption crossword game, however some of the new functions are awesome. The iPad lets players pass ‘n’ play or go solo, in portrait or landscape mode. Social and multiplayer capabilities also enable players to challenge friends on Facebook, or through a local Wi-Fi network.

In the all new ‘Party Play’ mode, up to four iPhone or iPod touch players can connect their devices to be used as private tile racks and seamlessly play their words onto the iPad ‘game board’ with a simple flick.  And for newcomers, the exclusive ‘Teacher Feature’ shows players the best word choice for the previous play.


This is a great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of my favourite childhood games. Simple, new HD graphics, the same great gameplay, plus a new control system and a play mode called ‘endless mode’ – a mode whose potential scares me.


This one is excactly what you would expect from a current generation NFS game: 18 unique tracks and a variety of race modes, 28 fast cars and decent physics-based 3D graphics optimised for iPad. New driving controls include the addition of a visual accelerator and brake pedals, manual shifting and a rearview mirror to see who’s coming from behind.


This one has me the most excited. The 2008 release of Mirror’s Edge (Xbox 360, PS3) was fresh and inovative and has resonated in many games since, and the first screenshots of this new title actually look intruiguing. 14 levels of 3D action is also a decent effort for an iPad game. Unique to iPad is a new multiplayer feature that uses a splitscreen interface, letting players battle against each other face to face in two diffent modes (more details to come later on). Gameplay has players running on walls, sliding down ramps and leaping between rooftops as they out-maneuver enemies in pursuit of their mission.


Command & Conquer Red Alert, optimised for iPad’s Multi-Touch controls, large screen and HD graphics bring the game to life in way that RTS fans have dreamed of for years. Three-finger, Multi-Touch controls lets  players select and maneuver their armies, manage inventory and make maximum use of camera zooming to navigate the battlefield. Players command units across a wide variety of maps and levels with different environmental conditions that add more layers of strategic depth. Players can challenge friends in head-to-head multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth between iPad and iPhone devices.

These titles will be available on iTunes under the Apps section.

For information on pricing for all EA Mobile games, please visit

Anyone got an iPad yet? How are you finding it?

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  • popshot

    Yeah can't wait for these games to come out on PC oh wait….

  • Northy179

    @popshot lol

    It actually sounds like they are making a decent effort though. If i had an ipad i would definitely be looking red alert, seems like the sort of gameplay that would go well on a device like this. I'm actually curious how it plays.

    and Mirrors Edge? weren't the controls hard enough to master on consoles? they must have dumbed it down a lot for it to be affective on an ipad.

  • Bagmup

    Funny how handheld gaming has gotten FUCKING HUGE.

  • DoGM3At

    Yeah I think we need a new name for it… How about laptop gaming… No wait.. Umm..

  • DoGM3At

    Well, all of the moves in mirrors edge were done with like 2 buttons so it won't be that bad… Plus this one is side scrolling

  • DoGM3At

    Lol you are such a hater

  • PSIress

    I'd buy tetris

  • Northy179

    Making a 3D game a 2D game is about as extreme as it gets when it comes to dumbing a game down, does still sound fun though. I'd love to see a lot more classic sidescrollers come out on the ipad oh and shank :D :D :D

  • Stubby

    gimme a controller and we'll talk