News: Steam for Mac launched!

Got a Mac? Like games? Then this will be the best news you will hear all week…

Steam for Mac is available now!

I have said before that Mac is going to take over the computer market and this is a huge step for them. The release has a decent amount of games available and the system is almost identical to its PC counterpart. The site (Steam) has been setup to know what system you are using (so don’t worry about looking for a Mac section), but wait, there’s more! Steam are making an offer to celebrate of the launch… PORTAL FOR FREE! Thats right, the amazing, groundbreaking, award-winning game that I go on about all the time… IS FREE! That does mean PC too by the way. So go get it now… I mean it right now… I will wait.

OK. Comments?

Thanks to for finding this out.

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  • popshot

    Since this Mac Steam PC inbred update happened. All games made by Valve Team Fortress 2/Day of defeat/Garry's Mod/Counter strike. Have been updated witch means a lot of old CP (including mine) can't run the games any more.

    P.S. Also Valve is releasing a new Css, beta just went out.

  • DoGM3At

    Well there will always be teething problems with things like this. Hey look on the bright side dude, soon there will be a whole sea of new n00bs to PWN :)