First Thoughts: Red Dead Redemption

Ahh… the joy of a new blockbuster hit, the extreme excitement bubbling over those last few days leading up to its release, the awesome feeling of that call from your local game store telling you someone has broken street date… And now its here!

Red Dead is here, no longer are my friend locked in the eternal struggle that is Battlefield, or camping behind boxes in Modern Warfare 2… no, no tonight is all about Red Dead Redemption.

There will be very little news today as all of us here are off deep in the late 1800s, shooting bandits and rustlin’ cattle. We here at DLC thought it would be a nice chance to see what you thought about the game. Do you think the controls are well designed? Are the locations repeditive? Do the voice actors annoy you?

What are your thoughts?

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Joshua Philpott

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  • popshot

    A brilliant game

  • DoGM3At

    Yeah loving it so far, the voice acting is grating on me a little and i have to keep overlooking its “gta with horses”ness but other than that, top game!

  • Northy179

    Grand Theft Horse… while it looks entirely different, the way the game plays is almost exactly like GTA4. I'm enjoying the game so far but the standard GTA style mission progression thing is starting to feel a little old

  • DoGM3At

    dude, i know what you mean! that has been my problem from the start

  • Snake

    Ok having played only about an hour of this so far and never having played GTA4. I think its good but not the greatest. Controls work well but camera control is a bit annoying. There has been many times that I been stuck on a building at the hitching post when trying move the horse away. Gun play and cover system is good. Voice acting is not bad but only played an hour so far so it may start to annoy me farther down the track. Overall its a solid game, one which I'm likely to enjoy more for never playing the grind fest everyone say GTA is

  • Nexus81

    Well, Loving the atmosphere and attention to detail also great work on the physics of the horses and hit detection. But taming Horses is another thing…If I wanted to learn how to do a manual on a horse I would have tried doing it on a skateboard in Tony Hawk!

  • Ben

    I'm really enjoying it. The first time in a while i've agreed with all the reviews for a game. I'd say the only thing that annoys me a little is the occasional bug, but Rockstar have a patch on the way, so that'll sort itself out.

    As far as the GTA-ness, I would say that similarity only extends on a superficial level, world/mission structure. Apart from that, I think it's very different. In GTA, the focus on open world gaming is pretty much to cause havoc and chaos in between missions, whereas in Red Dead it encourages you to explore, and see what the world has to offer, in more of a fallout style. Voice acting is awesome, mainly due to the large number of Deadwood supporting cast members playing roles. I'm just head over heels in love with this game! I love open world games, but I've had to make do for so long with subpar games, either games with great story and main missions but nothing else, or games like Just Cause 2 with fun chaos and mucking around but a terrible story. This ticks all my boxes. So happy….. Also, now that i'm in mexico, have a poncho, and a white stallion for a steed, I can finally live out all my spaghetti western fantasies… Bring on the fiesta latinas!

  • popshot

    Online connection problems. And spawn campers/Re-spawn areas.

  • NachosJustice

    Freakin' loving it so far. It's not the flawless gaming experience that much of the gaming journo world is touting it as, but it sure as hell is addictive.

  • thrillho

    really? i'm finding the voice acting and script one of the more appealing features of this game. i was expecting it to be very similar to gta so the gta-ness doesn't bug me so much. i feel the story and characters are what keep me playing, that and the overall beauty of the game.

  • Northy179

    Hey guys, if you are playing on 360 add 'northy179' if you want an extra posse member :P

  • DoGM3At

    will do dude, just waiting for our copies to arrive :)

  • adz

    smashing game honestly it is. great graphics realy are special controlls great, slight prob with the horse now and again but nwt much exploring is amazing so many hidden places and sutch a vast map to explore only a few things i think would improve this game and thats( a few old wind up cars or sumin a few shitty old planes and to interact with more things would be grate sutch a big map and so maney intreeging things and only a few u can interact with and after a mission like wen u save the man from his groosem fate of geting eaten by a canible i tied him up droped him in to the jail and there was no reward the town sherrif didnt seem to care that he is a horible canible and he just carried on sitting there ( basicly no interaction there iether) so i took him outside and let him free and he then just walked off as if everythink wall all gravy lol so i strung him up and pulled him by his neck on my war horse untill he was brown bread i thaught id put my mind at ease and do the sherrifs job for him) anyway after all that story THE GAME IS GREAT MULTIPLAYER OK BIT BORING ON FREEROME DUE TO LACK OF CARS PUSHBIKES PLANES AND FEW OF THE OTHER STUFF THAT GTA4 HAD AND THIS DONT EVEN HAVE OLD VERSIONS OF OVERALL ( 7/8 OF 10) but defo get cuz they could bring all this in (dlc) HINT HINT