News: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gets patch for consoles

Hey guys,

Just got an email about the new Battlefield patch coming to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 next Tuesday, the 11th of May.A lot of this stuff was fixed in the PC patch a few weeks ago, but there are a few new things as well:

  • The AKs74u now has more recoil
  • The G3, VSS, and all semi-automatic rifles now have less recoil when aiming
  • The PKM, Type 88LMG, G3, An94, and 40mm shotgun have returned to their former glory
  • Increased the damage of the MG3 to bring it in line with the rest of the LMGs
  • Fixed a bug where the SVU did little to no damage at long range
  • Fixed a bug where M95 rounds would not kill armored targets with headshots (yay!)
  • Fixed a bug where the Saiga12 with slugs would do too much damage at long range
  • More damage for the Uzi at long range

This should reduce my cursing at the TV… if only by a little.

Anything you think they missed?

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  • Bagmup

    G3 needed less recoil??? and they’ve beefed it up? oh lol.

    and more damage for uzi at long range defeats the purpose the uzi was built for.One other thing, why beef up the mg3 to bring it into line with the rest? Does that mean it doesn’t really matter which lmg you use as they’re all the same anyway?

  • Josh

    Dude, I don’t know why they would give the uzi longer range.. its not a well known for its sniping ability. Sigh, Oh well, more accuracy for the g3 so im happy :)

  • PSIress

    I was thinking the same thing on the uzi. Nice to see they fixed the saiga 12 with slugs though, wonder what Dave has to say about that lol.

  • popshot

    They need to increase the ammo for all main guns & side arms.

  • Bagmup


  • DoGM3At


  • adin75

    They fixed the Saiga12, Todd isn't going to be happy, no more sniper shotty :P

  • DoGM3At

    Lol poor Todd

  • PSIress

    is it just me or did we miss out on the patch?

  • Snake

    I got the patch yesterday when the skins pack was released. Maybe M$ is running behind again with approving it for the xbox360

  • Snake

    New skins and weapons pack is nice. If you haven't maxed out each class yet you get to play with the last weapon in the SPECTA skin straight away