News: Ashlee Adams – All this and ‘games’ too…

Hello there interwebs trolls… many of you undoubtedly are familiar with the supreme hotness of Penthouse Pet Ashlee Adams, but what many of you might not know, is she’s a talented gamer with an old school pedigree and a love for both Borderlands and Mordecai (Dave approves of this), and a hatred of Modern Warfare 2 (Dave doubly approves of this), so we know she’ll fit in well here at DLC

Her profile in now up in ‘About us’, so see what she has to say about herself… or better yet, read her first piece on whether we need a Final Fantasy VII remake, and tell us what you think. She certainly does love the franchise, check out her right arm with a slew of tattoos of FFVII’s characters… Tifa’s visible in the pic.

Make no mistake, she’s not a honey who may play a game or two: Ash is a dedicated gamer who just happens to be bringing sexy back to DLC.

Welcome aboard homegirl!

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
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  • Moopidoo

    Sweet tattoo! Tifa, moogles, materia… so awesome!

  • Northy179

    :O i'm in love

  • Moopidoo

    I saw her first!

  • popshott


  • PSIress

    hello and welcome!

  • Bagmup

    So are you better at fps than Dave K? Not that thats much of an accomplishment :P

  • Northy179

    her? i was talking about Dave…. well this is awkward.

  • DoGM3At

    ohh burn

  • kozeeii

    Yeah you were!

  • kozeeii

    What level are you Baggy? Do you even know how to use any other weapon but a sniper rifle?

  • Moopidoo

    But I was talking about Dave too. Dave sure is one sexy girl!

  • adin75

    Welcome aboard.

  • Bagmup

    Dude, you're making it soooo tempting to buy bc2 on ps3 just so i can blow your head off from 4kms away…

  • kozeeii

    You know you wont…because you're a faggot ;p

  • Bagmup

    That's it… i will borrow beg or steal a copy for this Saturday night, although i will be level one, does that give me permission to bitch and moan like you do on 360?

  • kozeeii

    Of course…looking forward to it!!